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Photography is one of my hobbies,unfortunately I practice it less than I would like, but I love it.

Since I was little, photography fascinated me, as usual, I've learned by myselsf all the techniques and skills by reading books and talking with experts.

The main problem I had was the price of the film and development, so, as it was expensive, I coudln't take the pictures I like.

Once the digital cameras arrived, having no price constraint, my creativity grew.

Now one of the issues I have is that, when the perfect photo shows up, I don't have the camera with me, or I'm driving and I have no chance to stop the car for example.

Central Park, NYMezquita de alabastro, Egipto



Panoramic photography


One of the creative sides of photography is panoramic photography, I've been shooting panoramic photos even before digital camereas came to end users.

You can see a few examples in

My interest in panoramic photography lead me to became a Google trusted photographer for Google business view