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This is the personal website of Jorge Arimany Españaque, Inside you will find useful information about me.

I am Computer Engineer from the Faculty of Informatics, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. I decided this carreer by vocation.

Between all engineering carreers, this one allows greater creativity without requiring a large investment for it.

The truth is that , as the courses progressed , I was enjoying most of the subjects, and although my colleagues told me I was crazy , I ended up studying more subjects than necessary to complete the carreer simply because I liked.

I have also completed a Master degree on Game Development offered by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Pyro Studios.

I attended this master because always the graphics and game programming seduced me, besides the challenge to squeeze the full potential of computers to motivated me.

Within this site you will find personal information about me , my interests , hobbies , etc. .

You will have also information about my working life and my CV among other interesting information.